7 print marketing benefits


7 print marketing benefits

Why choose print marketing in the world of digital marketing?

Print marketing being one of the oldest marketing tactics has still maintained its effect and efficiency during the age of digital marketing. Print marketing is a powerful way to amplify your digital marketing efforts; in fact, many businesses rely heavily on print media to promote their products and services. We have compiled 7 print marketing benefits to help you utilise the power of print marketing and market your business more effectively.

We have compiled 7 print marketing benefits to help you utilise the power of print marketing and market your business more effectively.

Print is visible and tangible

Contrary to digital ads, customers can hold print marketing in their hands adding to their curiosity and interest about your business. Tactile conditioning such as; adequate weight, texture and quality of paper makes a psychological impact in consumer’s decision making.


Print is mobile

Prospective customers carry business cards, brochures and catalogues on-the-go with them, so they can access your contact information whenever they require.


Print offers exceptional targeting.

Still today, no one ignores their mail, with direct mail marketing you can target your local area or those potential clients that match your audience demographics.


Easy to save 

If your printed media offers value, consumers are likely to save them and reach out to you at a later date.


Print is more trustworthy

According to a survey it was discovered that more than 75% of Internet users show trust in print marketing ads when making a purchasing decision. In fact, print is still the most trusted type of ad, and it bestows credibility to your business.


Print has a high response rate

According to Psimplynoted.com, because of the higher open rates of direct mail its response rate is double compared to email marketing. 


Print puts the spotlight on your business

Consumers are overwhelmed with ads on websites, social platforms and in their personal email inboxes – so much so that many among them are obliged to use ad blockers to avoid seeing any ads. With print media, the focus is just on your business: when consumers hold your printed materials in hand, they’re not agitated by competing ads.

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