Benefits of combining digital and print marketing


Benefits of combining digital and print marketing

How to use digital and print marketing together to Boost awareness (and sales);

Digital and print marketing both are powerful strategies, the amalgam of both yields more efficient results and conversions. 

Here are some digital to print marketing ideas you can use to benefit your business. 

  • A postcard featuring a coupon code to buy online
  • A brochure containing a scannable link that allows customers to view product demos on their smartphones.
  • A sales letter including a link to your online chat
  • Retail packaging that promotes and encourages customers to subscribe to your email list or follow your business on social media, along with the promise of future deals

The reverse of this method works too. For example, your website visitors can fill out a form to receive your brochure or print catalogue via direct mail. This allows you to collect both their email and physical addresses for follow-up marketing, in addition to this you get to put your promotional materials directly in the hands of potential prospects who have requested them – otherwise known as highly qualified leads.


Next steps in Print marketing

There’s no doubt that print marketing can lend credibility and help advocate your new business, especially when it’s used alongside digital marketing. Here’s what to do next.

Choose your print strategy

Decide which print marketing tools work best for your business. Consider:


  • Which print products resonate with your audience?
  • Which will help you in promoting your business? For example, brochures are best for service businesses, while retailers often go for catalogues 
  • What distribution method you’ll choose?
  • Which print products are well suited for your budget?

Design and print

Turn your vision into tangible tools by:

  • Write a compelling copy including benefits and calls to action
  • Developing an eye catching design that showcases your benefits (if you’re not a designer, your printing company can design for you)
  • Choose a paper stock that matches your branding (again, your printer can help)
  • TIP: Always proofread before you approve your artwork for print. This shows you exactly what the finished piece will look like, and you can catch potential errors before they become costly

Distribute your print marketing

Choose from any of the following distribution options:

  • Direct mail (postcards, sales letters) or shipping (such as with apparel and promotional products)
  • Publicly postings flyers and banners
  • Door-to-door 
  • In-person leave-behinds
  • TIP: Don’t forget to analyse marketing results

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