Your business card is more than just your contact details, it’s a reflection of you and your brand. 

Create a business card design that reflects your brand’s personality

A great design for your business card is the first step to finding the right business card for you, first impressions create a lasting connection too your potential clients.

There are two design elements you need to finalise before you even begin thinking of business cards:

  1. Logo design
  2. Brand colour scheme
It is vital to coordinate your logo and business card colour scheme to create a professional eye catching design.

What to avoid when designing a business card

Keep it simple, avoid designing close to borders of your business cards for safety of any cutting mistakes in the printing process.

Use fonts that can clearly be read and try to keep your design elements basic for that simplistic professional look.

Design a logo for your business

An easier approach is to sketch your logo ideas on paper so you have a good understanding of how your business card will look with your logo implemented. Do your research and gather inspiration from other professional logo designers, remember your business card will be all about your logo, so consider dedicating one side of your card solely to your logo. 

Find the right font type

The most commonly used font is “Arial” as this font is very clear and easy to read, we recommend choosing a font that engages with your logo and is easily read. When it comes to your text size you should set this for 8pt minimum for readability keeping in mind the design elements on your business card for maximum space.

Create a brand colour scheme

A consistent and strategic application of brand colours can increase brand awareness and recognisability. 

There’s more to selecting brand colours than simply choosing your favourite colour.

Want to be seen as warm and friendly? Choose at least one warm colour (think orange and red). Going for a solid, trustworthy vibe? Blues are your pal. Think about the industry you’re in and look at the colours they use.

A simple colour palette with limited colours is better for small businesses. It will make it easier for your brand to stand out from the others, and your audience will find it easier to remember your brand.

Keep in mind for printing we use CMYK as its used in offset and digital printing which is ideal for business cards.

Proofread the design and details

Check your design for bleed and crop marks

Bleed and crop marks are to ensure that your business card is cut accurately and has no white edges. Bleed is the area that extends beyond the final size of your card, usually by 3 mm each side and crop marks are thin lines that indicate where the card should be trimmed.

Check your colours and images for print quality

The colours and images on your business card can look different on screen and on paper, depending on the colour mode, resolution. You should also use high resolution images, preferably 300 dpi or higher, and avoid using images from the web, which are usually low quality.

Choose a finish for a professional look

Choose between different finishes, such as gloss, matte or soft lamination depending on how shiny or smooth you want your cards to be.

Set your quantity of business cards

Generally the higher the quantity the lower the price, remember to check out our prices at or email for a quotation.

A business card you can trust

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